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         Ibibia Lucky Worika, PhD

         Professor of Law and Dean,

         Faculty of Law

         (Executive Editor)




For nearly forty years of the establishment of the University of Port Harcourt as one of Nigeria’s second generation Universities, it did not have a Faculty of Law.  Hence, the recent establishment of a Faculty of Law in the University of Port Harcourt is a welcomed development, considering the intense clamour from individuals and organizations for the establishment of a Faculty of Law in the University to satisfy the increasing demand for quality legal education in the region in particular, and the nation at large. A major objective of the Faculty of Law which has two departments – Department of Public Law and Department of Private Law – is to develop, promote and sustain innovative and high quality legal education and research. To this effect, in its unique way, the University has recruited experienced and seasoned academic staff to methodically guide students through the University’s law programmes. An environment conducive for legal studies, research and community engagement with the law has also been provided by the University. Therefore, the Faculty of Law offers excellence in teaching and all-around satisfaction in learning. 

To foster and enhance knowledge, the faculty of law is enagaging in research, teaching and advancement of intellectual development. The faculty invites scholars from all over the world to publish in our three journals namely: Uniport Law Review, Uniport Journal of Private Law, and Uniport Journal of Public Law.



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