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The goal of this journal is to examine the key legal and regulatory issues including but not limited to developments in all fields of law and to: Present expert papers that analyses the legal developments within the law disciplines; Examine the contemporary regulatory variations and explore how these could impact on our global world; Publish intellectual reports on the legislative and regulatory changes in various aspect of law in several jurisdictions; Publish empirical and high quality articles which evaluates the complex and often inter-related legal issues emerging from national and international developments in various legal sectors; Offer practical and technical updates for the improvement of law and the legal profession; and, publish book reviews relevant to law.




Professor Ibibia L Worika, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria




Dr. P. S. Tamuno, Ag. HOD Department of Private Law, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Associate Editors:


Professor Edem E Udoaka, Faculty of Law, University of Calabar, Nigeria


Dr. Eni Alobo, Faculty of Law, University of Calabar, Nigeria 


Dr. Imo Udofa, Faculty of Law, University of Uyo, Nigeria





The editorial board welcomes well researched articles in the areas of private law and contemporary issues. The article must be an original work which has not been submitted for publication in other journals. The writing style must be clear, articulate and well-focused. The articles should also comply with the OSCOLA standard of citation of footnotes and should not exceed 25 pages in the double spaced Times New Romans Font.


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                              VOLUME 1 NUMBER 1  2017




pg1.       Elimination of Discrimination Against Women in Nigeria: Legal Challenges and prospects by Ijeoma A. Mgbeahurike [Full Text]


p26.       Consumer Protection Laws in Nigeria and United States of America: A Comparative Analysis by Emmanuel M. Wosu [Full Text]


p47.       Evaluating some Knotty Issues Relating to the Law and Practice of Garnishee Proceedings by Agent B. Ihua-Maduenyi [Full Text]


p65.       Arrest of Ships in Nigeria: the Law, Practice and Procedure; Daketima G. Kio [Full Text]


p92.       A Discourse on the Attributes of Wildlife Law in Nigeria, by Nelson U. Sobere [Full Text]


p114.     An Appraisal of the Legal Framework of Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations in Nigeria by Emeka H.Odum [Full Text]


p123.     Protecting the Rights of the ‘Invisible’: A Case for Children in Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Nigeria by Mercy Oke-Chinda [Full Text]


p145.     The Appointment and Removal Powers of the President under the Nigerian and American Constitutions: A Critical Examination by Imo J. Udofa [Full Text]


p165.     The Role of Sub-Regional Courts in the Protection of Human Rights: Successes and Challenges in West/East Africa by Kalada S Nonju [Full Text]


p190.     Proposals for a Holistic Solution to Nigeria’s Energy Problems: Upstream, Downstream and Midstream Challenges by Samuel C Dike [Full Text]


p203.     FPIC Right of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Resource Development: Lessons from the Inter-American Jurisprudence by Ondotimi Songi; Julius A. Enenifa; John K. Chinda; Prince N. Olokotor; and Vincent Topman [Full Text]


p219.     Communal Land Tenure in Cross Rivers State and the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Land Tenure Fisheries and Forests by Ibibia L Worika and Paul S. Tamuno. [Full Text]








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