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Uniport Journal of Public Law

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Uniport Journal of Public Law provides in-depth coverage of the issues that mean the most to legal practitioners, judges, governments and other members of the legal community. The journal seeks to publish legal articles of high quality including a collection of outstanding scholarship from established legal writers, and new authors. The journal shall routinely publish articles, book reviews, legislative reports, case commentaries related to legal, economic, political and social issues arising in relation to Nigeria, Africa, and other related International Laws.  


Volume 1    No. 1    May 2016






1.      Collusive Action: Rights of Parties to the Suit

Theodore Okonkwo              PDF Version


2.      Corporate Democracy and Shareholders Activism in Nigeria: A Policy Agenda for Reform

Mmadu R. Akpofurere          PDF Version


3.      Reflections on the Role of International Custom and Soft Law in Environmental Protection

Uzuazo Etemire                    PDF Version


4.      A Critical Evaluation of the Rights of Contracting Parties in Hire-Purchase Contracts

Eberechi N. A. Okere           PDF Version


5.      The Predicaments of Defilement Cases in Nigeria: The Need to Review Section 218 of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act

Nelson U.  Sobere                PDF Version


6.      The Nigerian Federation and the Contradictions of Internal Security

Chukwuma A. J. Chinwo       PDF Version


7.      Nigeria: The Role of Law in Nation-Building

Edward Bristol-Alagbariya    PDF Version


8.      Public Governance: Examining State Land Policy within the Context of the Land Use Act in Nigeria

Oba  Abdul-Hamid & Adebayo Adelodun        PDF Version


9.      Discriminatory Customary Practices and The Rights of Women in Nigeria: An Appraisal

Patricia I. Gbobo                                              PDF Version


10.  Applying Property Rules and Liability Rules to Pollution Problems in Nigeria

Gina  Elvis-Imo                                                PDF Version


11.  Costs Follows the Event in Arbitration in Nigeria: A Critique

Charity O. Kaniye-Ebeku                                 PDF Version


12.  The Impact of Air Transport on the Environment: Issues of Law and Policy

Gozie  S. Ogbodo & Rita O. Igbinedion           PDF Version







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